About us


GIRO ART is an italian company founded in 1985 by many creative persons.

We are specialized in silver creations and mainly in silver flowers.

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Frequently asked questions

  • This site can be visited by everyone (guest users) but the catalog is visible for registered and verified users only by GIRO'ART SRL
  • The site supports GMAIL - LDAP - OpenID - FACEBOOK - TWITTER identification. You can use these accounts without creating a new account on our web site; however, the catalog can be viewed after a GIRO'ART SRL verification.
  • Each registration is strictly personal and is forbidden to give the access to other users than those are allowed by us. We deserve to suspend the access if any abuse is found.
  • We conseil to put the flag in the "REMEMBER ME" box before login. The site won't disconnet the user after a certain period of inactivity.
  • Do not to use your data on other computers or workstations because the data can be stored and stolen very easy without your knowledge.
  • The price list is not published here and can be requested by our verified customers


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